melonDS – Versão Android (1.9.3)

Port do Emulador melonDS para Android. O responsável pelo port é o Rafael Caetano, o código está disponível no GitHub juntamente com o APK para instalação.Também está na PlayStore em sua versão mais recente.

Links no caso os oficiais fiquem off.

Nightly Build

Inclui todas atualizações mais recentes, pode ser mais problemática. Você pode manter esta e outras versões simultaneamente.

melonDS (APK) 1.9.3

  • Fix issues with RetroAchievements
  • Fix loading indicator in cheats screen

melonDS (APK) 1.9.2

  • Fix startup crash on devices running Android 14
  • Fix crash on spanish devices when opening the RetroAchievements screen
  • Other minor fixes

melonDS (APK) 1.9.1

  • Fix saves states not saving/loading properly

melonDS (APK) 1.9.0

  • Add support for RetroAchievements (leaderboards are not yet supported)
  • Add support for DSi camera
  • Add proper support for Wi-Fi connectivity (huge thanks to @JesseTG from the melonDS team!)
  • Fix DS firmware not being able to boot under certain scenarios
  • Fix some crashes when JIT was enabled
  • Fix some issues on startup when save files could not be created
  • Updated French translation (thanks @SombrAbsol)
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks @6lackmag3)
  • Updated Spanish translation (thanks @BackpackXl)
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

melonDS (APK) 1.8.0

IMPORTANTE: Os saves das versões anteriores não são compatíveis com esta, NÂO atualize se não quiser perder seus saves.

  • Update to melonDS 0.9.5
  • Implement the DSiWare Manager. This allows you to install DSiWare titles to the NAND directly from the emulator
  • Allow DS and DSi firmwares to be launched from home screen shortcuts
  • Improve search performance when there are a lot of ROMs
  • Add option to quickly view enabled cheats
  • Fix selected ROM icon filtering not being applied until the app was restarted
  • Add monochrome icon
  • Add Bahasa Indonesia translation (thanks @NTHGiT)
  • Add French translation (thanks @SombrAbsol)
  • Add Spanish translation (thanks @BackpackXl)
  • Add Portuguese (Brazil) translation (thanks @Bardock88)
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

melonDS (APK)  1.7.0

  • Update to melonDS 0.9.3
  • Add support for Rewind. This automatically saves your state periodically allowing you to quickly go back in time when you make a mistake in a game
  • Include screenshots in save states
  • Allow save states to be deleted
  • Add buttons to quickly save and load a state (not present in the default layout)
  • Redesign Settings screen. Each category is now grouped into a separate screen
  • Add volume setting
  • Add audio latency setting
  • Prevent ZIP files from being selected as the ROM search directory (only happened on some devices)
  • Add Russian translation (thanks @6lackmag3)
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

melonDS (APK)  1.6.1

  • Remove support for 7z files on devices running Android M or lower
  • Fix crash when processing large 7z files
  • Fix crash when selecting directories under certain circumstances
  • Fix crash when loading a ROM with the “Load GBA ROM” option selected but no save file was selected
  • Load ROM icons asynchronously
  • Other minor improvements

melonDS (APK)  1.6.0

  • melonDS Android is now available on the Play Store! This exact version will become available there in a few hours
  • Support for additional video filters (feel free to suggest more)
  • In-app update check feature
  • Support for 7z files
  • Allow haptic feedback strength to be adjusted
  • Allow layouts to have a fixed orientation
  • Allow ROM cache size to be adjustable
  • Fix crash when changing the theme while a game is running (#429)
  • Fix audio stopping when changing output device (#320)
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

melonDS (APK) 1.0.0 – 1.6.0


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